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Serenamar started its first service from La Serena to Tongoy, under the direction of Rigoberto Escobar and the collaboration of Ariel Sanchez and Ricardo Cuellar.

In 2002, with the aim of improving the connectivity between Ovalle and La Serena, we inaugurated a new express minibus service, which significantly reduced travel times between this route.

In 2004, responding to the transportation problem of Vallenar, Huasco and Freirina, we launched the intercity bus division, providing a quality service for the inhabitants of those communes.

In 2012, Serenamar entered a new market of high competition, connecting the fourth region with the capital of the country i.e. Santiago, using luxury buses. A year later, we inaugurated the services Huasco - Santiago and Ovalle - Santiago.

Today Serenamar operates in 4 business divisions: Rural, interprovincial, Special Services and Cargo. Each of this divisions have highly qualified teams, which every day research, analyze and develop efficient solutions to the requirements of Serenamar customers, allowing us to provide a comfortable, safe and efficient service.




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